Seeking Osama bin Laden

In just under 6 months, we are going to mark the 10-year anniversary of a pretty big terrorist attack on USA - known by its numeric moniker - 9/11. Because everyone would be writing about it, this post is trying to beat the crowds.

Back in 2001, most Americans got mad at the terrorists and their brethren. We demanded that their lair be attacked and the terrorists be annihilated. So, we launched a "War on Terror". Our first mission was to find Osama bin Laden, a one-time "friend" of America who had gone renegade and was the mastermind behind 9/11. Somehow this "War on Terror" morphed into "Seek WMD in Iraq" to "Topple Saddam Hussein because he cast an evil eye on W's dad" to "Bring democracy to Iraq by appointing a charlatan as PM" to "We cannot leave now - the helipad on the Embassy's roof is not yet finished".

Meanwhile Osama is busy hiding in some cave. Almost 10 years later we have no clue where he is. Not only he is not in the news, he has been forgotten in the land that he terrorized 10 years back. Today, we are terrorized by bankers and the whole credit crisis (was it brought on by the "Shop till you drop" method of providing support for our troops?).

So, dear readers, if you have a clue where we can find Osama, please send a letter to:

Manager, United States of America
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington DC