Colin Powell speaks... But did he say enough?

I don't have to tell you that the biggest political news over the weekend was Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama for the presidency of USA.  Rightly or wrongly, Colin Powell is considered an influential person in American politics.  He was the Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the first Black) under Papa Bush, Secretary of State (the first Black) under Baby Bush and he is associated with the selling of the current Iraq War at the UN.

Colin Powell made quite a spirited effort to denounce the "Obama is Muslim" strategy of McCain/Palin ticket by saying "So what if?  There is an American soldier who is buried in Arlington National Cemetary who died fighting for US in Iraq and he was Muslim."  But is this really news to him?

The Republican Party and the Bushes have been using this strategy for years.  There was the "Cadillac-driving Black Welfare Queen" during Reagan's campaign and Willie Horton during Papa Bush's campaign.  In 2002, the Republicans questioned the patriotism of Max Cleland, a guy who lost both his legs in the Vietnam War.  Baby Bush and his surrogates used similar tactics to question Purple Hearts awarded to John Kerry during his military service in the Vietnam War.

Has Mr. Powell truly changed his mind?  Or is he a Johnny-come-lately just so that he can say that he supported Obama?  Has he realized that the Republican party has treated him as a prop (much like they have used Condi Rice and Clarence Thomas)?

If Colin Powell really has had a change of heart, he should do the honorable thing between now and November 4 -- Vigorously campaign for the Obama/Biden ticket by pointing out that John McCain and Sarah Palin are not good for our country.  They would rather demonize their opponent than support good ideas that improve our country.  And Mr. Powell needs to reiterate that the Iraq War, enthusiastically supported by John McCain, was a folly of the first order.  His ex-boss got it completely wrong and there is no other way to look at it.

But the question remains, would he?  I guess just a couple of weeks would make it crystal clear...

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